AMPS 2015

2nd Conference of the Australian Music & Psychology Society (AMPS)

AMPS 2015: The Art and Science of Music

7-9 December 2015

AMPS 2015 Program.

AMPS 2015 Abstracts.

Western Sydney University Parramatta CBD campus (7-8 Dec) and Parramatta South
campus (9 Dec)

Hosted by MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University

The 2nd Conference of the Australian Music and Psychology Society (AMPS) Inc. will be held on Monday 7 December to Wednesday 9 December at the Western Sydney University Parramatta CBD (7-8 Dec) and Parramatta South (9 Dec) campuses. AMPS 2015 follows the successful inaugural AMPS conference held at the University of Melbourne in 2013. The theme of AMPS 2015 is The Art and Science of Music.

The aim of AMPS 2015 is to bring together faculty and Honours, Masters, and PhD students whose research is at the intersection of music and psychology. For example, music performance, music perception and cognition, music composition, improvisation, digital media, music education, music therapy, music and dance, wellbeing and health, psychoacoustics, and computational models of music(al) processes.

The conference will include short (15 min) oral presentations, poster presentations, keynote addresses, a music and text performance by austraLYSIS and friends on the evening of 8 December (Riverside Theatre, Parramatta), and a research panel/forum open to members of the community and professions allied to the arts, education, health, and science.

The MARCS Institute at Western Sydney University is hosting four conferences from 7 to 11 December. Confluence on Wednesday 9 December will be a constellation of the four conferences to encourage new connections across disciplines. Confluence comprises meetings of AMPS together with the Australian Linguistic Society (ALS), Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop (ALTA) and Australasian Document Computing Symposium (ADCS).

Confluence will be held on Western Sydney University Parramatta south campus and include oral and poster presentations, keynote addresses including Prof Jane Davidson (University of Melbourne, VCA and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music), Prof Dr Sonja Kotz (University of Manchester and Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences), and Prof Joe Wolfe (University of NSW), a music and text performance by austraLYSIS, and a symposium on music and language, all designed to be of mutual interest and to optimise new interdisciplinary connections across the four conferences, the 300 delegates, and the disciplines of music, psychology, science and health, engineering, computing, design, acoustics, linguistics, and speech science.

AMPS 2015 will run Monday 7 December to Wednesday 9 December. Monday and Tuesday will be held on Western Sydney University Parramatta CBD campus and Wednesday on the University’s Parramatta South campus (transport from Parramatta CBD to Parramatta will be provided).

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