Poster Presentations

ParraSouthEEGuidelines for Poster Presentations at AMPS 2015

Posters will have their own dedicated session on Day 3, Wednesday 9 December, in the airy foyer of Building EE at Parramatta South Campus (see right).

We recommend you print out your poster before arriving in Sydney. (Otherwise we recommend Snap Printing in Phillip St, Parramatta.)

Preparing your poster:

  • We recommend the standard poster A0 size for your posters.
  • Posters can be laminated, unlaminated, or on material.
  • The conference will provide boards and pins for displaying posters.
  • We recommend using Powerpoint for producing posters. There is no equivalent option in Word.
  • There is a lot of information on the web on how to produce posters. See below for free download poster template.
  • The template example below shows portrait format, but you are welcome to use landscape instead. We accept either.

A0 Powerpoint Poster Template

This free PowerPoint template is designed for a standard metric scientific poster presentation at 841mm x 1189mm size.

The template can be printed at the following size: 33.11 inches x 46.81 inches. See more at:

(Modern – Windows and Mac PowerPoint)